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Scripts are available for free download and use for projects aligned with our Mission. They can be used en toto, for inspiration or in part. You will find recordings for many scripts in the Radio Section here.

Be sure to add an attribution to Why Facts Matter Collective to your piece and a hashtag #WhyFactsMatter. Click on the blue language symbol to download a pdf script.

EN=English   SP=Spanish   CN=Chinese

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in the scripts below are those of the project creators and do not necessarily represent the views of the Why Facts Matter, Berkeley City College, our sponsors and partners. 

CURRENT scripts

Your kids' future depends on your vote. 
Make it Count!
Length: 60-Seconds

Script: EN

Why do we Vote?
Length: 90-Seconds

Script: EN , SP

Black Votes Matter

Clips from One-Vote film by Donald Goldmacher
Length: 60-Seconds

Script: EN

The Census

The National Census affects billions in Federal spending. 


Script: SP

I Don't Vote

Clips from One-Vote Film by Donald Goldmacher
Length: 60-Seconds


Script: EN, SP, CN

When Americans work together, we win.
Length: 90-Seconds

Script: EN

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