These radio spots are open-source, can be freely downloaded and used by individuals and organizations aligned with our Mission. Make sure to give an attribution to the the project creator/s and add the hashtag #WhyFactsMatter.

Audio files are MP3 format unless otherwise indicated.  
EN=English   SP=Spanish   CN=Chinese

To listen to all of the files in a row, click on the play arrow at left. If you move your cursor over the spots, you'll see a share and a download button appear. If you click on the music symbol between them it will open a separate screen where you can see the titles change between spots, so you know which one you're listening to. 

MP3 and WAV files are provided in some cases. WAV files are a larger, more professional files. If you have any questions about the Radio PSAs or specialty formatting requests, please contact us.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the spots below are those of the project creators and do not necessarily represent the views of the Why Facts Matter, Berkeley City College, our sponsors and partners. 

Get-out-the-vote SPOTS

Vote buttons on flag

vote Absentee (by state) SPOTS

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Census SPOTS