Choose your subject and the format. Go to the Specifications page to figure out what size you want to make it and how long it should be.

Write or choose a script. Create a rough design or storyboard for videos.


Visit our Resources pages and see how to sign up and participate


Submit the concept, talk to a mentor about your project and get advice about how to begin.

Be sure to look at our videos so that you understand the kinds of videos we're looking for.



Create your first draft.

Be sure to check out the specifications page to see what sizes and times we're looking for. Also, be sure to download the templates (see Specifications page) for the slate - which will appear at the beginning of your video and the credit and hashtag, which must appear at the end of your video.  


Work with your mentor to perfect your project. Remember, every project you do will have a producer or director who will guide your work. Be open to their suggestions and understand that this guidance will only make your project better. 


When you and your mentor have decided that the project is ready, upload it to our site. We'll let you know if anything is missing and we will take care of publishing it on the this website.