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Our mission is to produce media materials, radio spots, videos, and public service announcements focusing on a wide range of socially relevant issues.


Our intention is to be a digital vehicle where members develop open-source media for distribution by media outlets serving the civic needs of the particular issues addressed. We serve as an adjunct educational vehicle where students can develop socially relevant projects with professional "real world" mentors. The completed projects are available to organizations affiliated with, and are distributed free from our site. 

Our materials are open-source, non-partisan, and can be freely used for this purpose with attribution and tagging #WhyFactsMatter.

Collective Members

. Verona Fonte,   Tony Kay,  Peter Lewis,   Ralph MillerSusan Strong,   Sean Sullivan

We're all in this together.  Participation Matters.


Iris Arts and Education Group is a fiscal sponsor for the #WhyFactsMatter project.

Donations can be made to WhyFactsMatter through Iris Arts for projects that are not political in nature.

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