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We are a group of professional media professionals and producers who are trying to change the narrative, one public service announcement at a time. We are looking to add new talent who wish to use their skills to promote democracy, environmental repair, and social justice.


Verona Fonte ,Tony Kay, Peter Lewis, Ralph Miller, Susan Strong , Sean Sullivan


Why Facts Matters invites students and media professionals to participate with us to develop socially relevant media materials that can be used by non-profit organizations and socially-minded groups to promote ongoing projects they are promoting through campaigns on social media, on their website, on radio and television. An underlying objective of ours is to encourage emerging media makers to use their skills to address social issues that impact their lives. 



Materials are being developed in English, Spanish, and Chinese by the #WhyFactsMatter Collective and participants who chose to work with us.  All materials are open-source, nonpartisan, and can be distributed and reused by anyone who chooses.  



We are currently working with Working America, Latinos for America, Roots Action, and the Voter Participation Center to produce media materials that will encourage voting, including a portion of the 100 million eligible non-voters to participate in this year's election. Another focus will be on an instructional video showing people how to vote by mail in their states.



We are currently focusing on working-class voters, Latino voters, students, and voters who did not vote in the last election. This does not mean contributors would need to stay within these areas. We encourage participants to select social arenas they are concerned with. WhyFactsMatter will also shift our focus as we move forward considering issues such as climate change, educations, health, etc.



We have a weekly mentoring/review session at 3:30pm each Tuesday where we review project ideas, storyboards, and ongoing projects. This is led by Ralph L. Miller, Creative Executive Producer and Peter B.Lewis, Founder, Senior Sound Designer at Audisee Media, a team that has worked together for decades.  

For entry use our contact page and tell us your name, email, phone, school, or organization as well as a short description of your project ideas.  We will email you our Zoom address.



To unify and heal our country we need to learn to sharpen our language skills as a way to unify rather than divide. How we say things might be more important than what we say. Often times we find out we want the same things, and we are striving for similar goals. How do we not derail our efforts by getting caught in a divisive language? How we frame our message is critical and could be the key to finding common ground across party lines. Our Message Framing Cheatsheet is available for anyone to download. See the resources page menu under message framing. 

  • Work must be at least ten seconds and no more than five minutes in duration.

  • Projects will be vetted for compliance with community standards.

  • Approved files will be uploaded to our Google Drive for free distribution through our website, Instagram, and our YouTube Channel as well as through our social and media partners.

  • Resources on our website are free to use in productions of GOTV spots, animations, and Public Service Announcements (PSAs).

  • Participants understand projects submitted are open source and can be freely distributed.

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