Radio Spots



:60 Seconds

Note: Final spots should be recorded as MP4 or WAV files. When you deliver your spots, please included a pdf with your Full Name, Email or phone number, Date submitted, Name of the Audio file and Time of the piece - 00:00:00 in this format (hour, minute, seconds.)

Videos (includes Live Action, Animation, Motion Graphics)
:30 or
:60 Seconds
Note: while it's possible for you to create a longer video, please let us know if you wish to exceed the normal time limits. Longer videos are also not as useful for television PSAs, as airtime is restricted.
Before you begin, Set frame size at aspect ratio 16:9 (wide format HDTV), 1920 x 1080 pixels at 72 dpi or ppi. All videos should be rendered at 30fps. 
Begin with 5 seconds (150 frames) of a title card (click here to download a Photoshop Template.) In Photoshop, click on the existing type and replace it with information about yourself and your work. This is for our use and will not cut into your TRT (total running time.) Make sure that your type does not go outside of the "TV safe" lines. 
The last 3 seconds of your video should contain the hashtag "#whyfactsmatter" and the words "By [Your Name Here]." These can be superimposed over video, or a card of their own. Remember, if your name is not on the piece, no one will know how to contact you. 
Download video title card template here
Download template for credit and hashtag
both of these templates are .psd files. 
Videos for Facebook
or :60 Seconds
Mobile aspect ratio 2:3 for both. 
Max file size: 4 gigs
Still frames only.
Meeting with us
If you're ready to talk or begin creating your audio or video, we meet every Tuesday between 3:00pm and 5:00pm. Please contact us to discuss your project at TheCollective@WhyFactsMatter.com and let us know what date/time you'd like to meet.